Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Album!

Look for "Live at Soundscape" featuring Charles with late Brooklyn legend, Arthur Rhames. Soon to be available on Ayler Records.

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oldfriend said...

Chucky T.- I've tried to call your number to no avail lately, so I'm posting a comment here mostly to get your attention. Call me when you can! You were going to come over for some guitar sharing stuff. First I was sick, then you... So call me if you see this. I heard you talk about Arthur 20 years ago, and I know how passionate and outspoken you are about certain people. It was interesting to see you go into detail about him here. I have checked out some video clips of him on youtube- and yeah, he did have a vibe for sure. You know my number by heart via the old OGM I had 20 years ago. Now, who else calls you Chucky T.? Hmm?